About Our Company

Chem-Marin was founded in 1995, and we were the first company to develop pepper-based products to maintain the health of freshwater , saltwater, marine reef tanks and invertebrate tanks.

Our product line includes: Stop Parasites, Stop Aiptasia and Fresh Water Parasite.

Other companies have tried to copy our innovative formula with little success. Our products are completely reef safe, unlike other similar products.

About Our Products

When purchasing a so-called reef safe product READ THE LABEL CAREFULLY. Parasites and Aiptasia are two of a reef tank owner’s worst enemies. In the past, you had to remove the fish and put them in a hospital tank, which stressed them even further. Now you can treat them right in the show tank without damaging expensive corals and inverts.

Stop Parasites increases the natural slime coat, which in turn sheds off any form of parasites attached to the fish. When the parasites shed off they either go out through your protein skimmer or other filter media. The all natural composition of our products is what makes them unique. There are no carcinogenic dyes or harmful chemicals.

With Stop Aiptasia there is no more scraping them off rocks and creating even more pests. Just inject them at the base with our applicator and in 12 to 24 hours their gone.

Stop Parasites Product Photo
Stop Aiptasia Product Photo