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If you have questions about our products or would like to place an order, you can either call us or email us and we will be happy to help you with your aquarium needs. Call us at the number below during normal working hours for orders or info. Thank you for your interest and please visit us again.

Al Ciannelli


261 1/2 Parsonage St.

Pittston, PA 18640

Phone: (570) 654-0298

Fax: (570) 654-1968



We accept the following forms of payment:


American Express


Important: We do not collect billing information online to protect the security of our customers. We will contact you by phone within 12 hours of order placement to accept billing information. Thank you.


NOTICE: We are only accepting orders for our new product Pre-Vent. All other products can now be purchased through Sears.

Chem Marin Products Now Sold At Sears  

Please be advised that items sold in 6 oz. bottles (e.g., Stop Hair Algae, Stop Aiptasia) will eventually be replaced by 8 oz. sizes, and the 6 oz. sizes will no longer be sold. 6 oz. sizes will continue to be sold as long as supplies last.


16 oz. Bottle: Pricing not yet available

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