Reviews and Testimonials

There are many factors that must be considered in tank environments, and consideration of these factors is especially important when using tank health and maintenance products like ours. When used properly Chem-Marin products work flawlessly.

If our product is not working as intended, it may be due to extraneous factors in your tank environment. For example, it could be something as simple as a skimmer that is too powerful and removes the product from the water before it has a chance to work.

If you experience any difficulty using our products, or our products are not working as anticipated, please contact us by phone at (570) 654-0298, or by email: We will gladly troubleshoot your situation.


Here is a list of reviews and testimonials highlighting the many successes of our products. If you have any questions, comments or would like to submit a review, please email us at


Hi Al

I want to say thank you for helpng me through a tough time with ick. This could have been a disastrous outbreak if not for Chem Marins STOP PARASITE and the expert and patient gudiance you gave me in helping me.

Ive got a 180 gal reef/fish tank. My Blue Hippo Tang has been an ick issue since she was only a half inch long ( now 5 inches ) but having learned many things along the way that I want to share.

#1 Do not give your fish fresh water dips! They cannot breathe and this stresses them out.

#2 Chasing a fish around especially in a reef tank stresses the fish out and contributes to the ick.

#3 Copper works but is no good for reefs or invertebrates so the only option is to stress the fish out and quarantine in copper.

#4 Kick Ich and Ich Attack never worked for me. Ich Attack turns your tank brown.

#5 STOP PARASITES is THE way to go.

This past ick attack on my tang was bad, she had blisters even on right on her eye. I started STOP PARASITE treatment after being skeptical at first, but before I bought it I called the number that was listed for help and I got Al, a great guy who talked to me about how STOP PARASITES worked. The logic made sense to me and it was reef safe. I bought it. After 5 treatments my tang was worse! I called Al and he helped me to identify that my ASM GX4 skimmer was taking out the med before it had a chance to work. Al advised turned it down. I did so, for one day turned it off completely for the day. The next day I treated again thinking she looked slightly better. I left the skimmer off for an hour then turned it back on low for the day. Im telling you when I came home from work 9 hours later she was looking like she had hardly anything! Just a couple blemishes where the parasites were on her side. Her eye was cleared up like a miracle! She was swimming and eating voraciously and I was a very happy camper.

If you are skeptical about STOP PARASITES dont be. Early treatment is key and keep an eye on your skimmer. If its a powerful one, tune it down so the med has a chance to work. THIS STUFF WORKS! Watch your PH. Thank you Al for your product and most of all, your guidance in saving my tang and the rest of my fish as well. Shes now resting for the night back in her rock cave. :) GREAT PRODUCT!

Joe Stewart

Gouldsboro, PA

This product did not work on my blue tang but have used in the past on other fish in reef with good results.

Mike Lopez

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Chem-marins stop parasites does help control saltwater ich. Ive used it several times in my various reef tanks and never had any problems. It didnt affect my corals or inverts and it starts working pretty quick. I always keep some on hand. Just make sure you buffer your PH.

Jim Gregory

Newport News, VA

I used this product in my 24g nano reef, which contains Acros and other SPS corals, to treat a juvenile Black Tang. The fish was covered with spots. After the treatment all the Ich is gone and the corals are still very healthy. Yes, I would recommend this product to my friends.


Murrieta, CA

I have been using this product for over a year. It does exactly what it states it can do with absolutely no detrimental effects on inverts or corals. The only advice I have is to buffer your tank prior to each use of this product as it can drop the PH in a tank that is not properly buffered. That being said, this stuff knocks out parasites within a few days. Also great to put a few drops into the bag of new fish during the acclimation phase to prevent any parasites from being introduced. I love this stuff!

Doug S

North Providence, RI

This product cleared all the ick from my tank didnt lose one fish.

Leada Pennington

Trenton, OH

Product arrived just in time to save my fish from the parasites.

Alex Gonzalez

Tallahassee, FL

This stuff really works. I have 120 gallon reef tank with goniopora, seapen, clams, seabae anemone, and several other sensitive inverts. Did not lose one, but lost parasites!